Static City Games
Based in Pennsylvania, USA

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23 November, 2020

Steam | PC / MacOS / Linux


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Chronicle: Unit Eight is an arcade bullethell roguelike with a sliver of RPG thrown into the mix. Chronicle gives that old school space shooting genre a new flavor of life by mixing the combat and game feel of vertical shooter games like "Raiden" and "Ikaruga" with the roguelite progression style of "Rogue Legacy". Dodge, fire bullets, and increase in strength by finding powerups or modifications on each fun. Collect Scraps that fall off of enemy ships to use to upgrade your ship for future runs. Discover many secrets and defeat the space pirate boss that you were originally hired to destroy.

Chronicle is a mercenary-for-hire organization. They have dispatched one mercenary, (codenamed Atlas,) and her ship, Unit Eight to sabotage and destroy a secret weapon that a space pirate group has created to destroy planets.

Discover new weapon combos, defensive maneuvers, abilities, bombs, and unlocks to help manifest the perfect run.

After every run, explore the vast perk tree and upgrade your ship through modifications, weapons, weapon unlocks, defensive maneuvers and more!

Multiple game modes exist on release including Story Mode, Arcade, and Boss Rush!

Can you defeat the space pirate organization and destroy their secret weapon before all the planets that we know are eliminated for good?


Opened in 2016, Static City Games is an independent developer and publisher. They released their first game, Knightfall, to Steam in September of 2017. Their sophomore release, Life and Debt: A Real Life Simulator, released in March of 2018.


  • 6+ bosses to encounter through procedural generation and random events!
  • 15+ enemies to fight on your way to the pirate base in Galaxy 9!
  • A massive 300+ node perk tree!
  • A full high-score leaderboard in a dedicated Arcade Mode!
  • 6+ powerups to find and unlock!
  • A 16-Wave Boss Rush mode to really challenge your concentration!
  • 16 New Game+ Ascension difficulties to master after being the game!
  • An Original Soundtrack composed by Christoph Gray, the composer behind Knightfall, Life & Debt and Fates of Ort!


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Selected Articles

  • " Stylish bullet hell, reminiscent of retro games, but with nice graphics. Classic interesting gameplay."
    - Gold Bear Games,
  • " “[Chronicle: Unit Eight's] gameplay brings us back to the arcades...”"
    - Bitwares,
  • " “...a product aimed not only at the nostalgic and fanatics of the genre, but able to offer several hours of fun even to ordinary players, who want a fast indie title and able to be addictive in the short term.” "
    - 4news,

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About Static City Games

Static City Games is a video game developer and indie publisher out of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

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Chronicle: Unit Eight Credits

Josh Krassenstein
Programmer, Game Design, Sound Design, Static City Games

Christoph Schoch
Art Director, Static City Games

Christoph Gray
Composer, Freelancer

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